Use your own logo, domain/subdomain and brand and sell to your own clients.

Put your branch Point your domain, your logo and your brand.

White Label CRM solution
Remove OLS logo and put “Your Logo”

One Client, One Account

You can create unlimited Accounts and assign them to your clients. With the Reseller Plan you can limit the amount of agents, inboxes, language for each of your customers. Use Account to optimize for your clients’ brand and use case. Each Account has its own channels, users, automations, and snippets.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What’s the difference between the White Label Reseller Program and the Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate program will let you earn up to 40% of the monthly subscription revenue through your referral link when companies sign up. Whereas, the White Label Reseller Program allows you to create and promote your own brand, you can offer custom packages and pricing based on your own choice.

Why do I need White Label Reseller Program?

The key benefit of a white-label reseller programme is that it enables businesses to enter new markets quickly and affordably without needing to create their own products from scratch, and no need to worry about maintenance, development, infrastructure and related cost.

Do my clients have to use my domain/subdomain to access the inboxes?

Yes, your customers may able to login via your domain

What added value I can provide to my customers as a White-Label Reseller program?

As a White Label SaaS Reseller, you can help agencies to solve their simple issues and provide fee-added offerings like automated messaging setup and structures integration on top. Together with your knowledge, you could bring the patron from zero to hero without stumbling.