Reach your customers via SMS

Receive and devivers SMS messages to your customers all over the world directly to your team inbox.

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Why Choose Us

One-Way of Two-Way

Use 2-way messaging to maintain a direct interaction with your customers in an effective and economical way. Receive your customer’s reply through the inbox or send informative non-reply messages.

All channels into Single view Inbox

Improve efficiency and performance by using a single interface across multiple channels and teams, powered with business rules such as internal notes, quick and automated replies, ticket status and so on..

No Code Chatbot

Create a chatbot (without having knowledge in programming or code) & answer basic queries and map your customer engagement journey with a flow builder to include drip campaigns & abandoned cart texts.

Zero touch support with quick replies

Create and save FAQs as cannel responses and access them by using short key “/“ command in editor and faster the conversation.

Automate conversations and workflows

Automatically segment and label clients and send targeted messages based on their behavior.

API Support & easy webhook

Developer’s friendly and easy to use. Receive and send messages using HTTP requests.



more qualified leads


better customer satisfication (CSAT)


increase in repeat purchases


more conversions

One Messaging support for Marketing, Sales,
Support & Engineering

Marketing Messaging

Broadcasts may be used to target certain interests, drip campaigns can be used to enrol new contacts, and APIs can be used to activate event-based promotions.


Increase sales visibility, auto-qualify prospects, and link with your CRM by trading in personal messengers for corporate accounts.

Conversational Support

Use automated messaging to identify client concerns, then route them to the appropriate agents based on their ability, function, language, shift, and other factors.

Transactional Notifications

Send massive notifications from the platform, such as emergency broadcasts or outage warnings, or trigger them through API.

Integrate with your favorite Apps

Integrate with your favorite app and enhance your customers communication and business

What Our Customers Say!

Ravi Kumar Senior Admin Executive

"By connecting more than 6 channels, Onlinelivesupport allows me to be more nimble in the support center's service for my platform's users, and we have all the traceability in one location."

Sandy Lee IT team

"You're definitely the finest chat support I've ever received,. One thing to note is the chat's intimate and eye-level attitude. Also, be quick to answer."

Andrew Watson Sales Executive

“Our team uses Onlinelivesupport to create a seamless and automated backend procedure that allows us to interact with more consumers online.”

Praveen Kaur Assistant Manager

"Onlinelivesupport has proven to be invaluable to our customer interaction experience. The whole team is able to see and respond to messages, add offline comments and delegate to other team members."

Alice Yong Product Development Team

"This tool has been life-changing. Now, my team and I can give our potential and current customers the best services, giving them responses quickly, closing more deals, due to floristry is a compulsive buy for a customer."

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    How can I connect an SMS widget to the Website?

    To integrate SMS, you have to create the channel first from your OnlineLiveSupport Dashboard and connect your SMS channel.

    Can SMS messages be managed by different members of my team?

    Yes, you can connect your SMS channel with OnlineLiveSupport to manage chats from a multi-user shared inbox interface. Once you have created your OnlineLiveSupport account and connected your SMS channel to the platform, you can invite your team members or agents to work in the same dashboard, manage messages for sales, support and marketing.

    How to use SMS to increase your company sales?

    If you already decided to increase your sales through Live Chat, then its right time to integrate the Facebook Messenger channel to your website. Here are the quick steps:

    Create a bot: Deploy no code chatbots to ensure every conversations get a prompt response within seconds, even if it is out of business hours.

    Manage chats: can manage your chats via OnlineLiveSupport dashboard, put statuses, labels etc. Use private notes to mention and notify to your team members when you need their help in a conversation.